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Vedic Astrology Karmic Life Readings (Jyotish)

Jyotisha of Vedic astrology readings to help find your karmic life map. During your session we will explore your karmic debt, reoccurring patterns and propensities, the lessons that you came here to learn as a soul, the issues and blind-spots that don’t let you see those lessons, and the antidote to remove them. We will discuss a variety of matter and complications surrounding your life. Awareness of this will give you extraordinary awareness an ability to address relationships, money matters, family, health and all other areas of your life. Pre-purchase or call 416-504-6049 to book your session or email info@ayurvedictouch.com.

The Rice Reading is an alternative for those who don’t have their time, date, or place of birth. This method of divination originates from the aboriginal shamans of Andrea’s motherland in Uruguay. Rice grains absorb the electro-magnetic energy of the individual when held tightly in the hand. The grains are then cast revealing patterns that help provide insight into your unique typology.  Goddess tarot, inner vision and Ayurveda Wisdom are incorporated as well.


  • 1 hour – $125
  • 1 hour group – $200
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