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Many people are more concerned about their skin issues during the sunny season. This was definitely the case for one of my new clients that came into the spa looking to try my Rituals Botanical Skincare line. She is a beautiful lady, that loves trying different skin care products, especially natural ones.

Her problem though is that she has never really found the one jumping from one line to the next.

Life is ironic isn’t it.

After our initial deep dive, I realized that her skin, per say, was not necessarily the culprit or root of the issue. Many lifestyle factors she talked about, from an Ayurvedic perspective, also were of concern.  

From the pressure of taking care of her family, her job, to contemplating if she is ready to be in the next stage of her relationship, to finding time for her to simply be quiet, the list of stress creators was endless.

She was in a cycle of purchasing a new skin line because of a persistent skin issue and then when it didn’t work, she would go and purchase another.

Rather than focusing on trying another product, I often help my clients first focus on more integrated issues that can impact their skin. I like to remind people that beauty actually begins with how you feel about yourself.

So if you also are experiencing any lingering skin iss

ues you may find value reading this blog on the topic of integrated holistic skincare.  An integrated approach help clear out issues a lot better….without you spending hundred of dollars on new skinline products all the time.

Here are my easy Top 5 Self-care Skin Remedies for Irritated Skin

1. Become aware of your inner predominant emotion. This emotion will slowly surface and manifest on your skin. Taking time to support,acknowledge, resolve and nurture these inner feelings will help move them away from manifesting on our skin. The face is the mirror to these emotions and hiding  or not dealing with them or covering them up with expensive products will not prevent them from coming out .

2. Breathing is one key answer to manifesting healthy and balanced skin. Breathing in fulfillment, breathing out frustrated emotions, and moving the stagnate energy helps to move toxins out of your body and skin. No need to make it complicated. Just start remembering to take longer breaths when you feel irritated. Then you can further learn Yoga Breath, Ocean Breath, or Ujjaya Pranayama. It’s a gift from the Indian Yogis, a free practice, that we can apply to our daily self care and skin care routine .The movement of energetic toxins will not only improve the tone of your skin but help your whole life force to bring it to optimum health.When we are emotional we also tend to crave to be near water. To imagining the ocean when you breath soothes and heals irritation.

3. Keep a simple inventory of foods that you crave in times of stress. Keeping a list matters because you may have a reoccurring addictive habit that goes counter to Ayurveda principles for dealing with stress and anxiety through food intake. Knowing, what I’ve been terming, the Ayurveda Mind-Body type is crucial with respect to understanding how you and your body react to and crave food. The rules of balance from an Ayurvedic perspective are simple, if you are hot eat cooling foods, if you are cold eat warming foods. The same with your emotions if you find yourself angry, frustrated, irritable avoid heating foods and spices as they will increase your inner fire. What you eat during and after experiencing emotions such as anxiety, worry, fears, confusion, can have more undesirable effects on your skin, forehead, and even the eyes and mouth with increased signs of ageing, dryness ,dehydration, or becoming oily, red, and irritated. It all depends on what you eat and your mind-body type. I’ll have other posts on specific food types later.

4. Water intake is magic and a core form of medicine. For Vata types drinking warmed sweet waters are recommended. Simply add a few sweet fennel seeds to boiling water and let it steep for a few minutes,then drink while still warm. Warm water for Vata, Cooling waters for Pitta will help soothe and cool these fire types ,add cucumbers to half coconut water half good quality filtered water and enjoy. If Pitta types are experiencing dehydration try adding pomegranate juice to your water or coriander leaves this helps expel some of the inner heat. Kapha types add ginger to your water, try grinding about one tablespoon of fresh ginger root to a liter of boiling water, let steep for 10 mins then drink either warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months. Customizing your water is important as water will carrying the qualities of these healing ingredients and circulate their benefits to your entire skin!

5. Customize your skin cleaning ritual. If you have oily skin you can find yourself over cleansing your skin . This will trigger the skin’s defence mechanism and the skin will produce more oils in order to balance . Vata skin can customize their cleansing routines by using rich oils like coconut or olive oil to massage their face with before using a rich cream based cleanser. Pitta skin can massage their face with yogurt or coconut milk before apply a gel cleanser. By massaging the skin before cleansing this will inform the skin that cleansing is now in order and the skin will naturally begin to cleanse itself . The increase of circulation ,the movement of stagnant  energy and emotions start to move away from the face . The skin begins to let go and return to its natural condition. Kapha skin can apply a mix of rose water with chickpea flour and gently massage the skin ,rinse off then apply their cream based cleanser in the winter when their skin is dryer and or a gel cleanser in the summer when their skin is oilier.

Try these tips and let me know how they work for you

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Peace to your body

Peace to your heart

Peace to your mind

Andrea Olivera