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Rituals of Scent initiates a journey into the wisdom and bliss of aromatics. Beginning with a careful selection of fragrant essences, using diverse species of flowers, herbs, spices and woods blends are customized for perfumes, as well as skin care products.

The art of balancing and beautifying has been practiced in all times and places. Disease is a state of being out of balance while balance restores health and wellness.

The idea and practice of sacred anointing is emerging within collective consciousness as wellness practices are promoted, ultimate self care is desired and optimum health is increasingly valued as a sound primary goal.

Live in the healing ambiance of Rituals of Scent. It is like having your own sacred healing garden wherever you are and wherever you may go. Sense of smell or olfactory perception, is very powerful. The limbic system is considered the oldest system in the human body. The olfactory system connects with the limbic system to make connections between scent and anatomical functions. Scent through these intricate bodily functions also invokes memories and influences mood and behaviour.

Messages are sent through neurotransmitters to the rest of the body. The qualities of each fragrance determine the effects. Receiving, smelling, absorbing fragrances rich in therapeutic properties send health promoting signals to the body. The body and mind respond favourably.

Some of the effects of aromatics are related to immune system, endocrine regulation, mood, motivation, brain wave activity and thought processes. The limbic system and olfactory system are highly important and often overlooked. Engaging our sense of smell, while using high quality fragrant blends, will improve your state of wellbeing while being ushered into pleasure and bliss. Precision and care applied to the distillation processes yields ingredients that meet the high standards of Rituals customized blends. After sourcing ingredients, hydro distillation is most commonly used and preserves therapeutic qualities. Also noteworthy is the discernment, patience and application of knowledge our trusted distilleries invest in production. Vast amounts of raw materials are required for the distillation process, which can take many months to yield considerably small portions of refined essences. Every species must be handled in very specific ways.

Flowers are often hand harvested. Woods are tapped seasonally upon maturation. Ultimately production is reliant on the gifts of nature as well as the rhythms of nature. This contributes to the understanding that the practice of nature medicine is an art as well as a science. Attars are produced using special processes of adding the essential oils from lower yielding botanicals to a base such as sandalwood and allowing time for proper blending and consistency to occur.

Perfumes & the Doshas

  • Ganesha has a sweetness that grounds Vata
  • Devi has a freshness that cools and soothes Pitta
  • Krishna has a blend that cools and relieves irritation in Pitta, grounds Vata and seduces Kapha, Rumi seduces and inspires Kapha and Pitta
  • Dharma helps give focus and concentration to Vata
  • Magdalena gives courage to the fearful Vata, moves Kapha, by stimulating them into devotional action, and purifies Pitta, cleansing negative energies, and purifying body odour for Pitta
  • Shiva is seductive for Kapha, Peaceful and playful for Pitta, and sedating and calming for Vata.