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If you answered mostly within the Pitta column, your energy is predominantly Pitta: fire/water

  • You are hot, sharp, fiery in nature.
  • You have a quick tongue, but are easy to forgive
  • You are a leader and organizer.
  • You look for acknowledgement, perfection and soothing.
  • You are compassionate, passionate, and full of good advice.
  • Your skin is sensitive like your heart.
  • Often you are prone to rashes, allergies, irritated skin, sunburn, and dehydration.
  • When your skin is oily, congested pores and acne are increased.

Antidote: Avoid, hot, pungent, spicy food and people. Keep cool, clear minded, practice patience with yourself and others. Remember that the goal is love not perfection. As a visionary, see the world as a place of opportunity and hope.

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