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“The human body is the universe in miniature. That which cannot be found in the body is not to be found in the universe.” — Mahatma Ghandi

As many of you who follow me on my personal Facebook page may know, I took on a 365 day challenge for myself in August last year. I wanted to lose some weight that I had gained and so I decided to commit myself to a healthy lifestyle change using the practices of Ayurveda. My intention was to share this journey with the world, connecting and exposing myself as a wounded healer, who — like many of you — have an aspect of myself that I want to heal.

While I did not complete my 365 days, I have decided to recommit to the process. The time is perfect, with the start of a new year and the release of my Eye on Yoga 2019 Ayurveda & Jyotish Astrology Personal Planner which a fantastic tool to set a Sankalpa for yourself (a vow to ourselves to heal and release the past). As part of my challenge, I decided to give myself an urban retreat every week. This is a service that we offer at the spa, which begins with mantras, prayers and offerings followed by a shamanic journey, Ayurvedic Facial, Abhyanga Massage, Indian Head Massage, Shirodhara, divination, aromatic oils, music, Karma Emotional Release Therapy, NDT™ and more.

In sharing my own healing journey through regular updates on this blog, I want invite you to discover your own unique cosmic anatomy and Elemental wisdom of your Ayurveda body-mind type. This blog will be a place to connect more to me, learn and inspire hope, as well as encourage you to investigate and look further into how Ayurveda can help you.

Here’s a little recap of what my 365 day journey looked like:

So where am I at now?

Its been 44 days since my last post from my 365 day Ayurveda Healing Journey commitment. Due to several personal issues that January 2019 brought,beginning with the passing of my spouse’s mother, the delays in printing of the Eye on Yoga daily planner for 2019,and several other things that presented themselves,my commitment fell to the side.This is a pattern most of us find ourselves in. We start a plan so focused,so committed then life happens! In Ayurveda the three Body-Mind Types known as the Dosha’s honor commitments so differently Vata Doshas tend to forgot their vows or commitments and usually they get very excited about them at first but that energy dissipates in time. The commitment can also tend to change and many adjustments are made to keep the excitment going. I tend to fall in this category. That Vatagenic part of my consciousness that gets bored, or distracted or needs new excitement is what part of my healing is about. I find it helpful to commit to one change at a time instead of the usual Vatagenic way of trying it all out at the same time with great enthusiasm and then loose interest. Applying a consistent focus on one thing, one change at a time and staying with it is a great way to over come completely falling off and loosing track.Pitta Dosha tends to stick to the commitments they set. Staying focused and honoring the vow is the nature of the Pittagenic person. When a vow is broken or can not be honored the tendency of Pitta people is to be self critical and even punish oneself. The wiser Pittagenic person RECOMMITS and starts again. This is what I have intended to do. Healing feelings of failure, shame and disappointment is necessary along the healing journey for Pitta individuals. Letting go of the self critic and shaming finger towards oneself is a start in balancing and moving towards self loveKapha People tend to procrastinate. Change is very hard for Kaphagenic individuals. Making small changes that stick and cause inner change and shifts of consciousness is a great beginning on a healing journey.My nature is a mix of Vata and Kapha, Starting something is great fun but sticking to it is hard. Getting back on track is even harder!Kapha’s need to be inspired.Tapping into a desire or a sensual feeling helps move us into change.Vata’s look to be excited about something. Seeking a new adventure and having a new experience is always attractive to Vatagenic individuals.I need a combination of both seduction and excitement to start something new.As I get back on track on and continue my 365 day vow towards self care and self healing, I re-inspire myself with a vision of myself as light and buoyant. I meditate on the feelings of being in the water earlier in the summer and how the music my dear sister Vikky made for our summer vacation inspired me into moving in the water and inspired me into changing my eating habits .I invite movement back into my life. The songs of the past that would make my legs want to salsa their way home will be part of my daily motivational routine again. Nothing inspires a Vata person like shopping for a new outfit to dance in!!! Inviting back that creative sound to flow me into change again is necessary. After experiencing grief and sadness from the loss of a loved one and seeing my loved ones in grief,provokes the true nature of my Kaphagenic side to keep holding space for others and putting myself last. Keeping things together is the nature of Kaphagenic people. This tendency can manifest as a frozen state in the body. No movement, holding space and keeping everything still so that the chaos doesn’t destroy all that is stable around us. Vata people tend to meet fear with a sense of flightPitta people tend to meet fear with a sense of fight Kapha people tend to meet fear with a sense of freeze 
Getting back on track with anointing my body daily with warmed herbal oils to ground that Vata part of me that is still in shock at the loss and overwhelm.Melting that frozen state by moving my body to passionate songs that inspire my soul is a stepping stone towards unblocking and unlocking that Kapha nature.It begins again, a movement towards self love and self care. 

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