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Andrea In The Media

Expert Advice

  • HEALTH SMART TODAY Daphne Zuniga’s Personal Battle with Mercury Poisoning
    Winter 2006
    Daphne Zuniga talks about how Andrea’s skincare creams are better than Botox.
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  • FLARE MAGAZINE Passage to India
    September 2000
    A thorough feature covering Ayurveda basics and philosophy. It also includes a test you can use to determine your dosha (elemental constitution).
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  • SALON MAGAZINE Balancing Beauty
    May – June 2001
    Exposes how Eastern healing techniques–especially Ayurveda–are meeting Western spa services.
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    Spring – Summer 2001
    Covers how a pregnant woman can modify her diet using Ayurvedic practice to enhance the health of her and her child.
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    Fall – Winter 2000
    An article on sex during pregnancy in which Andrea suggests a few methods to enhance sex drive.
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  • PUBLICITY BROCHURE Collega for Aveda – Anatomy of Creativity ’97 – June 1997
    A one-day event featuring presentations by experts in the beauty and fashion industry.
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Other Media Projects

  • SLICE TV Wedding SOS -Episode 39
    April 2009 Check out in part 2.
  • CANADIAN LIVING MAGAZINE Healing With Ayurveda
    Nov. 2007
    The ancient holistic practice treats the mind, body, and spirit as one.
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  • EYE FOR THE FUTURE Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Awareness
    2001, Vol. 7, No. 2
    A well-rounded explanation of Ayurveda, with a questionnaire.
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  • VITALITY MAGAZINE Ayurveda: Ancient Indian Healing Techniques Bring Healing to the West
    Dec. 2001 – Jan. 2002
    A broad, informative introduction to Ayurveda, also explaining how Ayurveda serves to reconnect the individual with his or her spiritual heritage.
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  • THE GLOBE AND MAIL Divine Therapy for the Yogafied Masses
    November 2003
    Luxurious ayurvedic treatments customized around the seasons, your personality, your body, your issues.
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  • TORONTO LIFE ”Body” Mini-Review
    December 2001
    Toronto Life describes Andrea’s Ayurveda service as the Godliest.
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Andrea and The Spa Industry

  • SPA CANADA From India to Canada, Ayurveda is Revolutionizing the Spa Industry
    October 2003
    Andrea Olivera is an Ayurveda Spa Specialist and one of Canada”s foremost pioneers in lifestyle management therapies.
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  • BEAUTYBEAT AND SPA MAGAZINE Ayurveda: The Mother of True Beauty
    March/ April 2002
    Ayurveda, for its simple yet effective diagnosis and customisable treatments, is growing in popularity among modern spas.
  • FLARE MAGAZINE No Mere Massage…
    February 1997
    The spa can be a place of great healing and rejuvenation with the use of Ayurveda, as more spas are coming to know. Includes a good overview and a step-by-step explanation by Andrea.
  • WEEKEND POST Vata? Pitta? Kapha?
    Discover why Ayurvedic spas are revolutionizing the beauty industry.
  • Parvati Magazine Beauty: Ayurveda Rituals, by Leanne Wood
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  • YOGA DIRECTORY CANADA BLOG Marry for Life with the Science of Life: How Ayurveda Supports Us Before and After Saying “I Do”
    May 2014

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  • YOGA DIRECTORY CANADA BLOG Rasayanas: replenishing our vital fluids
    January 2010

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    January 2009
    Andrea’s new Ayurveda and Yoga Studio is featured in Lethbridge’s Downtown magazine as a new thing to do in Lethbridge, Calgary!
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  • SAGE MAGAZINE The Principles of Ayurveda
    Winter 2009
    Andrea explains the principles of Ayurveda. Plus an interview with Andrea.
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  • BRIDGE MAGAZINE Discover the best Yoga Practice for You
    July 2008
    Andrea Olivera talks about Ayurveda.
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    2007, Issue 85, October / November
    Andrea Olivera talks about Ayurveda and its benefits.
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  • YOGA MAGAZINE What’s Hot: Celebrate the Scent of Divinity Within!
    2007, Issue 57
    Details on Andrea Olivera’s line of Rituals for Rejuvenation products.
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