Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage Training

Classic Abhyanga is the Ayurvedic whole body massage that correlates to the generic Swedish massage treatment.

The Abhyanga is also called the pearl of the Ayurvedic massages and considered to be the most effective treatment, “the heart of Ayurveda”. It has been said that Abhyanga decreases the fatigue and invigorates the body, cleans and tightens the tissue, increases muscle tone and physical strength, reduces muscle and joint pain and makes the joints supple, improves blood circulation and creates a sensation of lightness in the body, cleans the skin and improves the overall complexion, calmes the nervous system, improves vision, sleep and combats insomnia, increases protection against wounds and injuries, improves perception, blood circulation creating a sensation of lightness in the body, slows down the ageing and rejuvenate aged tissues, relaxes and regenerates, harmonizes the body’s energy and vitalize by reduces stress. The Abhyanga is a tool of silent dialogue between body and soul.

Prerequisite: None


  • Introduction concepts of the Vedic Tri- Dosha Theory
  •  Introduction to Vedic hands on treatments and concept of chakras
  •  Introduction to Vedic principles of bathing
  •  Introduction to concepts of Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine
  •  Advanced Marma body points
  •  Ayurvedic principles for essential oil compresses
  •  Ayurvedic principles of exfoliation treatments
  •  The five steps Abhisheka therapy sequence
  •  Pre-and post-treatments, sudation therapy
  •  Precautions and contradictions

Structure: 3 days

Fee: $800.00

$100 non-refundable deposit required.