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When we are going through a transition in our love life, it’s hard to understand what to say to ourselves or how we can heal again. At our spa, it’s common for people to come in with their hearts in disarray feeling a need to nourish their heart, mind and body. 

  • The loss of a potential life partner.

  • The loss of a best friend.

  • The loss on the story that they told themselves for so long.

But to heal form a vedic and ayurvedic perspective awareness and self-love is really important. So here are 5 vedic and ayurveda inspired phrases that you can use on yourself right now to start the process of recovering from a break-up and loss to help heal your heart.  

1. I will love again  – Your heart is a reservoir of love. It will love again. This experience has come to help you understand the type of love you’re searching for. Each person has a unique nature and flavour of love within. We are the essence of love and what we look for is to be loved in a particular way. Our journey thru relationships can  help  us see our unique love typology . A breakup offers the perfect opportunity to further recognize the type of love you have to offer and want to experience. So take the time to discover this dynamic.

2. He was just Karma’s boot-camp – Sometimes we meet a person that we have a karmic debt with. In these cases, it’s just a matter of energetic necessity that you were destined to have a relationship with the person so both of you could learn about who you  are and who you are not. Karmic lessons can be painful ,we can learn to transform our suffering with the knowledge of the self.Once we learn how to recognize karmic debt or repetitive themes that come up in our relationships we can change our behaviour and move towards attracting the right people in our lives . Bad or painful relationships can be like being in a karmic bootcamp, it is really a hard core training that helps us develop into self realized beings. A teacher of mine once told me that generally people meet a good match after paying off some bad karmic debts first. It is like being in training for the right person .If you look at this experience as a needed journey or a detour needed to be experienced to get you closer to the right one.

3. I was actually settling – You probably had a primal instinct telling you that he was not the one. But you really wanted to believe in it, and invested your time, energy, and love to make it work. Go back and search when was the first time  you knew that something was not right? Next time you find yourself working really hard to please someone, or try to do everything right to get their love and attention or acceptance, stop and reflect ask yourself why ?  Ask yourself how you are settling again?

4. Our Doshas were just not a match – Look, your nature matters and you don’t need to change your nature to find your match. The elemental dance is really important to understand as the 5 great elements, Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, all have unique characteristics that play out in every relationship. Spend the time to learn about your Ayurveda Mind-Body type so you can better understanding and identify the right elemental match that will work for you. Start by getting in touch with me so we can do a proper mind-body Ayurveda analysis to figure this out. Elemental compatibility as well your planetary alignments will help to map out your perfect match! 

5. My Heart was not broken, it was just my ego – The heart is a reservoir of love and can never stops loving. Your ego was mostly likely the one that took the hit. It’s the one telling you you’re not good enough, something was wrong with you, you’re not worthy of love or that you did not do enough. Stop investing in that lie. You are lovable, you are worthy, and you are the essence of love. From a holistic Ayurveda perspective, it’s crucial to be self-aware of your own areas of improvement.  But also never underestimate your incredible wroth as you are right now and your existing ability to attract the ideal match to reciprocate the same unconditional love you have to offer. Believe wholeheartedly and it will happen absolutely as it is best for you.  

Some of these affirmation statements are used when I work with my clients 1-on-1 in my deep Ayurveda Rituals body-mind healing sessions. Remember our journeys of love begin with us at the centre seeking to unite with another. So as you understand yourself better you’re more likely to better recognize love the way you seek it.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Peace to your body, Peace to your heart, Peace to your mind

Andrea Olivera