New Decision Therapy™

New Decision Therapy™ is about making a conscious choice to LIVE. NDT™ asks your body to remember past traumas and the people associated with them. It then generates the release of static energy, cleansing the body of pain resulting from years of repetition. NDT™ uses contemporary psychology and applied Kinesiology to unlock where the body got stuck. Memories are stored in the physical body on a cellular level, creating over time, patterns that lead to wellness or to disease. It is very important to understand the innards of your unconscious mind in order to recognize significant events in your life. By first becoming conscious, then releasing unexpressed emotion, you are able to reconstruct your life towards true happiness and longevity.


  • 1 1/2 hours – $120

For a full mind-body healing experience you will likely enjoy and value Andrea’s Karma Emotional Release and NDT™ Mind Body Therapy package.