The Mother of Healing Meditation CD By Andrea Olivera

The Mother of Healing Meditation CD – By Andrea Olivera

Vedic meditation teaches us how to be effortless with our practice and allows the process of thinking to become quiet and settled. In this new selection of guided meditations, Ayurvedic Meditation: The Mother of Healing, Andrea Olivera leads participants through two powerful guided meditations.

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Track 1 – Elemental Wisdom Meditation: Andrea guides the listener to consciously reconnect their being with the elements of the natural world and to use that connection to find the resources and power of nature within, renewing vitality and energy and a sense of self-connection and connection to the Divine. [14 minutes]

Track 2 – Meditation for a Broken Heart: A meditation into deep consciousness, emotions, and karmic energy helping to confront and release karmic energy, sadness, pain, anger and grief and move towards forgiveness and releasing all that is old and unnecessary. The listener moves out of their inner darkness towards the light of truth and of love, and concludes with a sense of relief, calm, and inner peace. [34 minutes]

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