Karma Emotional Release and NDT™ Mind Body Therapy

Karma Emotional Release and New Decision Therapy – NDT is Andrea’s blended and powerful healing experience combined with the extremely effective NDT technique developed by Dr. Kandis Blakely. It  incorporates applied ayurvedic mind and body analysis and mapping, emotional kinesiology,  vedic spirituality and chakra awareness as well as a healing and restful Abhyanga massage session. This combination is customized to the individual. It begins with an aromatherapy sensory test and a blending of ayurvedic herbs and gemstones, followed by ayurvedic body mapping using medicated oils and finally an assisted release of past issues and traumas.

The session is about about making a conscious choice to LIVE. Karma Release Therapy asks your body to remember past traumas and the people associated with them. It then generates the release of static energy, cleansing the body of pain resulting from years of repetition. Karma Release Therapy  uses contemporary Ayurveda mind-body analysis and applied kinesiology to unlock where emotions and tensions within the body, nervous system and the mind.  Memories are stored in the physical body and emotional body on a cellular level, creating over time, patterns that lead to either wellness or to disease.

It is very important to understand the innards of your unconscious mind in order to recognize significant events in your life. By first becoming conscious, then releasing unexpressed emotion, you are able to reconstruct your life towards true happiness and longevity.


Price: 2.5 hours – $250

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