Abhyshek 1/2 Day Mind/Body Retreat

A full Goddess experience, suitable for both men and women, Abhyshek facilitates spiritual refinement, emotional clearings and lifestyle transitions. It begins with mantras, prayers and offerings followed by a Shamanic journey, divination, aromatic oils, music, NDT™ and more.

Traditionally, Abhyshek worship involves bathing Deities of the temple on special celebrations such as birthdays, or sacred holidays. The Deities are bathed with scented floral waters, exfoliated with aromatic herbs and spices and are then lubricated with milk, yogurt and honey. The Deities are then rinsed with waters from the sacred Ganges, and perfumed with exotic aromas.

The omnipotent Goddess Radha is Lord Krishna’s internal consort, and is the pleasure potency of Krishna. She is the expansion of Lord Krishna. Krishna is the energetic and Radha is the energy. They are inseparable.

Radha is the model of love for God. Radha represents the human devotee who renounces material possessions to pursue God. Krishna is the irresistible, beautiful God. The goal for us is to discover the Radha dimension within, and to break out of dharma, towards the pursuit of Divine love. For God is the reservoir of pleasure.

The vocalization or the sound “Krishna” is itself transcendental. Krishna means the highest pleasure. Every living being seeks pleasure, but we do not know how to seek it. We have a materialistic concept of pleasure, and so we become frustrated trying to pursue it because we know little of real pleasure. We must first understand how consciousness animates our bodies, then we will understand from where sensation begins.

  • Opening invocations: Mantras and songs
  • Arati: Spiritual prayers and offerings of the ingredients to be used in the service. This strengthens their potency while charging the ingredients with specific energy for a variety of needs.
  • Meditations and Visualizations: Selected journeys for grounding, peace, and inspiration.
  • Elemental focus: A shamanic journey evoking the Great Maha Bhutas (Elements): Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth.
  • Casting of the rice: Divination art to strengthen the direction of your physical, emotional and spiritual energies.
  • Guidance from the Goddess oracle: A Daughters of the Moon tarot deck is consulted with Goddess pendulums and mertis. This is fertile ground for Gaia support and insight. It could be Saraswati, goddess of art, music, knowledge and beauty who reveals the secrets of creativity, rejuvenation and self-care secrets. A more fiery goddess would be Kali, who promotes cleansing, detoxification and internal revolution through love and care.
  • The preparation of herbs, aromatic oils, foods, elements, gemstones, and crystals, including music and the treatment room.
  • Applied Kinesiology: Muscle testing of the meridians in the body. This unlocks the hidden thoughts of the body and determines the state of the organs.
  • New Decision Therapy™: A basic clearing is performed to enhance physical cellular detoxification.
  • Once the emotion is released, Abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage) is administered for 1.5 hours.
  • Mother Earth Science Therapy: for detoxification, restoration and rejuvenation. 45 minutes.
  • Herbal Steam sinus cleanse: 20 minutes.
  • Shirodhara: The final stage of the water element therapy.
  • Spectrum Attunement (Gemstones and crystal balancing): This is applied directly over the 7 gateways of consciousness (chakras) in a variety of patterns. Spectrum Attunement brings in the earth element for grounding, stability and centering.
  • The Ayurvedic Taste Experience: A simple snack to nourish the soul. (Vata taste: sweet, sour, salty. Beverage is hot. Pitta taste: sweet, bitter, astringent. Beverage is cold. Kapha taste: spicy, full. Beverage is warm.


Price: 4.5 hours – $550

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